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What is Earth2?
Earth2 is a project considered to be the next Bitcoin. This concept mixes business, real estate, game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, and property development. Earth2 is supported by Mapbox, a customizable satellite map provider similar to Google Maps.

Who are the creators?
The main founder is the Australian Shane Isaac, who was CEO of the social network XYZ. It is also made up of six developers, including one of the creators of the game D.R.O.N.E., a guru of the MapBox service, and a developer with the following portfolio

How does Earth2 work?
The equivalent to bitcoin, on Earth2, are tokens. One token represents a small square of the 1: 1 scale satellite map. The price of the painting varies by country (among other factors). For example, at the time of writing this post, the price of the Mexico token is $ 2.4 USD. Once the token is purchased, Earth2 puts that small quadratic space in your name, that is, it already belongs to you. For example, if you buy the token that covers, say, the angel of independence, no one else will be able to buy the angel because it is already owned by you.

Well, currently the Mexican token costs $ 48.02 MXN, how can I buy one?
The purchase process is very simple. We simply enter, and click on “Buy Land”

It will direct us to the Mapbox, where, with the help of the navigation tools that we have in the lower right, we can locate our preferred area.

STEP 2. View of Lake Santa Lucía (Located in Monterrey, Nuevo León) in the Mapbox. The red circles enclose the tokens that were purchased by other users. The flag is the nationality of the owner.

It is time to choose our file. For this example, I will select a part of the lake, I will only select one tile. When you click it, the details with three types of information appear on the right side. The selected tokens (with a maximum of 750 tokens per purchase), the price per token ($ 2.4USD = $ 48.02MXN), and the total (where they only multiply the number of coots by the unit price.

STEP 3. Mapbox view with a tab selected. On the right side are the details of my selected tabs.
Once the file is selected, we click on “Details” and it will send us down the screen with the details of our file (coordinates of the file).


Once clicking on “Buy Now” gives us the option to add a referral code, with this code, Earth2 will refund 5% of your purchase. You can use any code from the Internet, but if you want to support me, I’ll leave mine here: 7CFBQF1M6Y


For now, Earth2 only allows you to pay with Paypal, or with your Account Balance, which you can recharge at any time.

Well, I already bought a token, now what?
Your purchased tokens will have a flag of your country on top of them. Like the ones we saw earlier. Here below I show you my four tokens that I acquired from the Macroplaza


These purchased tokens will appear to other users when they search for tokens near yours.

Well, what can other users do with my file? When I click on a tile that is not owned by me, the Mapbox will illuminate the flags that are of the same property that I clicked on. Along with this, the details appear on the right.


Note that a flag is not activated. It is because that token is not the same property as the four activated. The four activated tiles belong to the same owner. Also note that in the details it says that we selected 10 tiles, when we see that only 4 were activated on the map .. Well, the Mapbox is telling us that the owner made 10 tiles within the same area, this means that around 4, there are another 6 bought by the same owner.


For now (01/09/2021), other users cannot do anything with your chips. The option to buy is disabled.

And what is the use then of having the chips if no one can buy them?
The chips you have go up in value depending on many factors, a topic that I will add over time in the same post. For now, I leave you the few profits that I have had with about $ 600 MXN invested (do not take this as an investment, but as mere speculation) in a token that I bought in the US. For now, you can take advantage of the growth that they have had in the value of the tokens, from one day to the next (from my own experience), the price rose 3.68%

Well, the price of your token increased by 3.68%. Can you withdraw the money?
This part is very important. Yes you can withdraw the money, however, due to the saturation of the page, you have to send a request by email with the following information to have the money deposited. This process usually takes time as staff are depositing money manually.

  • Full legal name
  • Current address
  • Account name
  • Email address (which must match the email address on your account)
  • Exact name of the bank account
  • Account number
  • Phone number
  • Amount you wish to receive and any relevant information for the international transfer to your bank account.

What are token classes?
Land Class 1: They are the first 100k tokens sold in a country. These give you maximum tax revenue.

Land Class 2: These are the tiles sold in a country that has between 100k and 300k tiles sold. They pay a fair amount of tax but pay a little less than Class 1.

Land Class 3: These are tokens purchased in a country that has between 300k and 500k tokens sold. They only give a small amount of land tax.

Land Class 4: These are the tokens bought after a country has already sold more than 500k tokens. These do not give you any tax income.

As of now (01/09/2020), you cannot see land classes on the map while shopping. You will need to go to the market-> market value history to see the number of tiles purchased in the country you want to invest in.

What are the phases and how are they divided?
It is known that the project will be divided into three temporary phases, we are currently in the first phase, and it is expected that in mid-2021 we will enter the second phase.

Phase 1. Land reclamation

This phase involves the ability to claim, buy, trade, bid and analyze land trade prices.

Phase 2. Resources

Resources will be released in the first half of 2021 as soon as possible. It will involve VirtualLand’s ability to start generating different types of resources that will be vital for construction and economic purposes on Earth2. These resources will be interchangeable between users for other resources or credits. In the future, users who require resources to build or for other purposes will have to generate or collect resources or buy them with credits from users who have stocks.

Speculation by current users has started. It is said that you must buy lithium mines or gold mines that later, in phase 2, will be converted into resources. However, a moderator of the r / earth2io subreddit has already clarified that the resources will be randomly distributed.

Phase 3. Land

In Phase 3, users will have the first access to the Earth 2 terrain system. Not much information is available on this phase yet.

What can I do in the Marketplace?


Well, like any market, you can buy chips sold by other users. The information is divided into the number of tokens they are selling, the class, the country of the token, the market value, the seller’s name, and the% against the value of a new property.

You can support me using my code when buying: 7CFBQF1M6Y. This code returns 5% of your purchase. Thank you. I will update the post as I gather new information.



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