The largest known structure in the Universe should not exist

“The Her-CrB GW is larger than the theoretical upper limit on how large universal structures can be,” said Dr. Hakkila for the American newscast HuffPost, “the Her-CrB GW object is theoretically impossible.”

Why is it theoretically impossible?

The universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old (or so we theorize) and the Her-Crb GW is 10 billion years old (i.e. the object is 10 billion light-years away, that’s why it took us so long to see it , which means that we are seeing it as it looked 10 billion years ago).

However, the elements in the structure are made up of objects that could not have been formed in the first 3.8 billion years (because many elements in the universe only formed after the first large stars died en masse).

So basically, for this structure to be as complicated as it is, being full of elements as complicated as they are and existing 10 billion years ago is impossible.

It is like discovering that a 14 year old girl has a 10 year old son. It cannot happen. There must be something else: perhaps gravitational lenses, perhaps a miscalculation somewhere, perhaps a proof of a multiple universe, perhaps a proof of the intergalactic cosmic network. Maybe we just don’t understand the ability to reproduce the universe as well as we think we did. But right now, as we understand it, when a girl (“the universe”) is 3.7 (billion) years old, she hasn’t matured enough to develop the parts necessary to have a 10-billion-year-old boy (structure) at age 14 (billion). And yet it does. So we have to find out why.

There is an additional impossibility. The fact that the structure is so big. It can’t be that big.

We hope that the universe is homogeneous, which means that everything should be evenly distributed. We shouldn’t be able to choose structures.

Except, apparently in accordance with this, in that last panel of the “Observable Universe” … we can still “see” the Great Wall Hercules-Boreal Crown. Beyond that the current estimated age of the universe is probably wrong, it is more likely to imply that there is a currently unknown / undiscovered force affecting it.

For example, imagine a supermassive black hole billions of light years away from us. It is completely undetectable (because black holes emit Hawking radiation that is undetectable against cosmic radiation). If such a black hole exists, it could be powerful enough to influence matter in our universe, drawing it into this structure.

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