What are some dangerous psychological tricks?

Alexis Zárate
2 min readApr 3, 2020


This trick has a wide range of danger, and is linked in the context that you use it. A specific member of my family uses it very often, but people around him don’t seem to notice when he uses it. I did not realize until I read it in a .pdf file that was circulating around in a WhatsApp group related to literature.

I must admit that I do it but infrequently since there are times when I don’t feel comfortable practicing the trick.

The main goal of the trick is to make a person see what they are doing wrong and affecting you in some way.

Many of us do not like to hear what we are wrong with, or to be pointed at.

Analyzing it well, my point of view on this trick is as follows.

Before approaching the person, he has to be in one of the next three general humor classifications:

  • Good mood
  • Neutral mood
  • Bad mood

If we go directly to the target person and tell them what they are doing wrong they will respond based on the rankings, if you are lucky and he / she is in a good mood your criticism will be taken well, but if you got up with the left foot and the / she is in any of the other two classifications, the most common thing is that she takes it badly.

Now enter our Ace card; We can induce or at least skim the good humor ranking before launching the critique by complimenting him earlier, either on how good he looks today or some action he’s done recently.

It will take your criticism (even if it is not so constructive) in a good way and you will avoid problems.

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